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SHIFT is the only business collective brave and bold enough to shift the work world to transform the real world.
We help you solve your organization's most pressing issues, achieve your ambitious goals, and capitalize on your greatest opportunities, to grow regardless.

We believe it’s time to shift the purpose of business.

  • Over the past 16 years, we have worked with, helped, and learned from more than 600 companies.
  • Our biggest learning from working with these companies has been the realization that the best of the best within this subset believes and works under the premise that they can have great people and big profits – they don’t have to choose one over the other, they can have both by simply shifting their mindset.
  • From our work and our learnings to date, we published our first book: Grow Regardless and from its success rose the notion that we are not the only ones who believe that money and mission are not mutually exclusive.

We believe there is an engagement crisis.

  • Research supports that 70% of the American workforce is disengaged, this translates to an enormous gap in the utilization of human potential.
  • In fact, in 2008, we experienced this first-hand when our organization nearly crumbled under the weight of a disengaged team. We weren’t applying what we had learned. We weren’t all in. And we were forced to scale at breakneck speed. After restructuring, we failed to fully regain our identity.
  • In an effort to clarify this problem, we sought out one of the world’s most insightful entrepreneurs – Richard Branson – who introduced us to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This seeded a revolutionary idea: what if we created a collective of diverse businesses with a common mission? Like Virgin.

We believe the world’s biggest issues can and will be solved by those with the courage to shift.

  • In 2014, we distilled this idea further and started to crystallize our purpose and mission to shift the work world to transform the real world.   
  • We believe the single biggest leverage of human potential is a more engaged workforce: What if we returned home at the end of each work day happy and fulfilled? What if we went home better friends, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, siblings, and partners because our work lights us up? We can help make this shift.
  • eQ has earned a powerful reputation in both the management consulting and recruiting space, but the truth is, the name was not seamlessly capturing what we do.
  • Our new name chose itself: we are SHIFT.

Our 4 core businesses are:

SHIFT Consulting
SHIFT Recruiting
SHIFT Society
SHIFT Ventures

SHIFT Consulting is the most caring (inspiring, results-obsessed) management consulting firm on the planet. We use an outcomes-based, programmatic approach to sculpt, shape, and streamline every layer of your organization. We work with your entire team to identify your biggest pains, overcome the most difficult barriers, and achieve extraordinary business growth.

SHIFT Recruiting is the only recruiting company on earth to deliver a thriving union from beginning to end. We seamlessly blend science, art, psychology, and organizational development to make the perfect match for candidates and clients. Nurturing this kind of soulful connection requires objectively understanding 1) the purpose and passion of the candidate, and 2) the DNA of the client’s culture.

SHIFT Society is the world’s only mission-driven, localized, invite-only entrepreneurial membership community. We create meaningful, sustainable change in our local communities first, and then the rest of the world. We use the most rigorous, holistic approach to personal and professional performance: honoring the whole-self of business, body, balance, and being. Our members seek a transformation that empowers them to show up for their communities, their businesses, and their families in the fullest possible way.

SHIFT Venture’s mission is to uncover entrepreneurial talent wherever it may be found and help nurture seeds of prosperity in both traditional places and in places where they may not have been so cared for in the past.

Underlying everything we do is our triple-impact cornerstone:
1) Shifting the work world to transform the real world,
2) The SHIFT 10X Effect (for every brand we work with, we help 10 more), and
3) Re-calibrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the highest standard.



We’re on a mission to shift the work world to transform the real world.

70% of the American workforce is disengaged. With every tick of the clock, tens of millions of people sleepwalk another inch closer to their breaking point.

Tens of millions of people with glazed over eyes.
Tens of millions of people with feet heavy from emptiness.
Tens of millions of people with hearts unplugged from their work.
Tens of millions of people waiting for the weekend.

Have you noticed it?

Since 2001, SHIFT has been in the business of helping organizations (and individuals within them) once again strive, strengthen, and surge! Our successes, pathways, and proprietary methodologies have been forged in the real-world crucible of helping 526 businesses to flourish.

But we’re just getting started.

Leaders continue to base actions on personal experiences or rules of thumb, rather than what has become known about brains in the body. Yup, we said brains in the body. Such hidden trenches of influence deeply shape both your perspective and priorities, your emotions and passions, your purpose and drive.

Are you listening to them?

It’s time to shift our thinking from dogma to data, from story to science, and ultimately, from anecdote to evolved intelligence so we can re-engage the world.

We believe business is the spark that will ignite this extraordinary change, where...

People go home better friends, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, siblings, and partners.
Processes are leaner, tighter, and more focused and efficient.
Performance isn’t something we aspire to; we surpass limits and never look back.
Purpose lights us up in all we do and makes us go all in.

We are fearless.
We are bold.
We are SHIFT.

Better you.
Better us.
Better all.