is your company culture working?

70% of U.S. employees are disengaged. How many of them are on your team?

Despite a shrinking unemployment rate and growing economy, employee engagement and retention remain top challenges for growing companies. This means you’re not getting the best from your team members and, more importantly, they're not getting the best from you.

Pinpointing the root cause of disengagement is never easy. Diagnosing and solving these concerns is accomplished by partnering with a company that specializes in culture change.

At eQ, we’re working to flip the engagement level to 70% engaged with our proven methodology, eQalign.

We believe the best companies are led by individuals who can harness their head-based intellect, heart-based values and gut-based instincts to foster employees’ passion for work every day. We know this shift leads to a unified company vision, stronger community values and transforms lackluster environments into a Best Place to Work. We know, because we’ve done it.


How do we do it?

Named one of Baltimore’s Best Places to Work for five consecutive years, eQ helps clients like you establish and live their values and culture. In fact, 30 of our clients have been nationally ranked among Best Places to Work, Inc. 5000 and Forbes Most Trustworthy Companies in America.

A stale culture directly impacts turnover, performance, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Let’s fix it!

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