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It's difficult to move your company to that next level. You know, the level where momentum kicks in and sales grow rapidly. Problem is, you are stuck in a cycle of fixing problems and trying to get your team to perform. Good news is, there's a way upward and outward by rethinking your business growth.

With the desire to grow comes an abundance of ideas on how to grow, yet little supporting knowledge about which idea will deliver. Strategy and execution are everything and both are challenging.

We recently surveyed 86 senior executives from a multi-billion-dollar corporation and found that more than half of them spend 30% or less of their week planning and strategically thinking about the organization's Operating Plan. This is a struggle for companies of all sizes.

The path to growth starts with an organization's clarity and alignment around vision, mission and growth goals. Of the executives and employees we’ve surveyed, 68% are not aligned with their company's vision and mission. Are all of your team members familiar with your organization's growth objectives?


Most often, we find a common set of obstacles blocking or delaying growth:

  • Unclear path forward - incomplete or non-existent vision, values, mission, and growth plan
  • Resistance to change - complacency and inability to execute has taken over
  • Insufficient resources - leadership is distracted and team members are not performing

eQ helps leaders like you rise above these challenges - by designing the best strategy for growth and putting the plan into action.


Our eQ Growth Methodology™ is a philosophy backed by sensible processes and practical experiences that impacts your team and your clients. Our philosophy provides clear short-term and long-term paths for defining and achieving your vision and mission. We focus on total alignment and unity of your team, which translates into success for your clients.

After working with more than 500 organizations, our top 100 clients have grown by 174%. Let us help you grow!



The 2016 Grow Regardless Growth Guide

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