do you have a sales problem?

Your sales team isn't consistently reaching or exceeding their goals. You're not sure if it's your hiring process, skills training, or strategy.

Maybe it's all of the above.

Of 500 sales professionals surveyed, more than 50% say poor performance is due to lack of sales strategy and planning. Your sales problem is not due to a lack of training. It is because you have not defined success.

Here's how the eQ Team helps:

  • Define your vision, mission and culture so that everyone understands and shares them regularly
  • Establish clear expectations in terms of roles, performance and growth
  • Determine what value means and metrics for measuring success
  • Provide a standard and process for mentoring and developing your sales team and other teams
  • Measure everything, keep your people accountable and celebrate wins

eQ’s Solution

Our Consultants help you define success by working with your executive and sales teams and by getting to know your customers. We help you define your vision, mission and culture and assess your current team's performance in light of those guiding principles. We go further to prepare a sales strategy and plan that enables you to build High Performance Role Profiles, find employees that match them and get them working together better as a team aligned on your goals.

Need proof?

We recently helped one of our clients grow revenue in a client account by 300% in less than 90 days by creating High-Performance Role Profiles. In a recent survey of our clients, entreQuest received an 83% Net Promoter Score!




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