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In a survey of more than 1300 employees of one of America's top brands, 50% disagree that their company attracts top talent.

Your company’s success is dependent upon your people. Unfortunately, hiring professionals who are industry rock stars, share your organization’s values and fit within your culture isn’t easy. And chasing these unicorns requires a lot of resources.

Hiring talent without the “right DNA” often shows up as:

  • Unwanted turnover
  • Under-performing teammates
  • Lack of role clarity
  • Cultural challenges

It's really expensive to hire people, only to realize that they're not a fit.

At eQ, we’re on a mission to transform how you attract and acquire top talent. We are more than just a recruiting agency. We advise you on every element of the employee life cycle through our eQtalent Methodology. From interview best practices, to educational content, we are with you in every step of the process. We call it the talent eQuation.


To hire top talent, your company must employ a more consultative approach and not fall prey to poor predictors. In the eQ talent eQuation, we let the job talk, identifying key accountabilities and assessing both the job and talent, both existing and new. We make sure that your company has a common definition of what ‘good’ is and can implement an ideal candidate profile, coaching guides, and an outcome based approach to selection. Every step of the process serves to deliver and develop elite talent that builds your leadership pipeline.

The eQ Talent Group provides elite talent services with a consultative approach. Our Talent Consultants are lifelong learners committed to purpose, impact and engagement, and helping you to build your company around these principles.

We are committed to your growth and ardently believe your employees are your most important asset and competitive advantage, which is why we do everything we can to bring you the best people.

Need Proof That the Talent eQuation Works?

We have nearly a 1:1 between candidate submissions & client interviews in retained search.



The Talent eQuation: Selecting Elite Talent

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